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Walker's Wad Wizard® Choke Tube System - Terror Shotgun Choke Tubes

Terror Shotgun Choke Tubes

Inpromarketing Corp highly recommends and offers for sale the very BEST performing and HIGHEST QUALITY constriction-type extended 10 and 12 gauge shotgun choke tubes available on the market today, the TERROR Choke Tube. The Terror Chokes were originally developed by SRM Performance Products to shoot consistently dense and tight long-range patterns with the new "fast steel" shells and hand-loading. However, they also deliver just plain amazing radial-constriction choke tube performance, at any velocity and with all shot material types.  These tubes are top USA-MADE quality in design, materials, quality control, tolerances and precision workmanship, and are designed with safety in mind so as to prevent the tube from "shooting loose" in the field.

Terror Tube Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How does shot size and velocities affect my pattern?
A. Smaller shot sizes always flow through a constriction choke better than large shot sizes. The faster the velocity, the more aerodynamic effect on the pellet. Aerodynamics cause pellets to fly erratically, the choke’s job is to hold center density. Bigger pellets have more surface area, thus more aerodynamic effect on them, so they fly more erratically.

Q. I’ve heard that the Terror Tubes have a tendency to ‘bulge’ in the barrel. Why is that?
A. The Benelli/Beretta chokes, (all styles), are the most prone to bulging issues. They are very thin and the barrels are usually cut oversized in the choke body area. The choke can only deform into clearance provided by an oversize barrel. The choke will not bulge the barrel. A bulged choke will always come out of the barrel. A rusted choke is much worse. That usually requires machining to get them out.

Q.  What recourse do I have if my choke tube bulges?
A.  This issue is not a choke problem. It is a barrel issue. Inpromarketing Corp. cannot warranty a barrel problem.

Q.  What size shot can I safely put through the .675 12 gauge tube?
A.   #2s or #3s work very well because the center density will benefit you more than bigger pellets and they won’t hurt the tube as easily. The big problem is BB or BBB shot. These will bulge a .675 almost 100% of the time. You are much better off using a Wad Wizard tube for the larger sizes of shot since this tube does not rely on constriction and does not have to ‘funnel’ the shot through a smaller opening.

Q. What size shot can I safely put through the .720 10 gauge tube?
A.  You can shoot anything through the 10 gauge tube, even buckshot. The 10 gauge chokes have much thicker walls and are not subject to bulging issues.

General Waterfowl / Late-Season Pheasant / Trap

The .675" 12 Ga. Or .720" 10 Ga. Terror Choke Tube is recommended for "all-'round" general waterfowl, late-season pheasant and trap shooting. It throws a dense pattern "core" for head shooting 35-yard decoyed birds and for reaching out to 60 yards + for the experienced and proficient hunter. If you are only interested in purchasing one choke tube for most of your hunting needs, make the .675 12 gauge or the .720 10 gauge Terror Tube your choice.

12 Gauge Chokes          Qty:           Price: $105.00
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10 Gauge Chokes          Qty:           Price: $125.00
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