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Walker's Wad Wizard® Choke Tube System - SRM Sure Cycle Products - Terror Shotgun Choke Tubes

Walker's Wad Wizard Choke Tube System Breaching Tool
Quick-Attach-Detach Breaching & Pattern Control Entry System - Fast Entry & Firepower- From Patrol Shotgun to Tactical Breaching Tool & Entry Weapon - Converts With a Twist of the Wrist!
Any law enforcement tactical shotgun can be a breaching system. With the patented Wad Wizard®  "platform tube" and thread-seat protector installed in your shotgun, you have the ultimate duty shotgun. Platform tube can be permanently installed with liquid steel or with silver soldering. When the need arises for a breaching tool, simply quick-detach the thread-seat protector and quick attach the stand-off tool. It takes less time to do so than it does to read about it! Then you're ready to use as a breaching tool and tactical combat entry weapon without any further changes. And it changes back just as simply.
This is the Wad Wizard®  platform choke tube with thread protector as installed in squad shotgun. The thread protector also functions to "double-seat" the tube at the muzzle for additional stability. In this form it can be used just like a Wad Wizard Supreme or SWAT12® tube for tactical buckshot and other shot loads.
The thread-seat protector detached from the platform tube, which remains seated in the muzzle, in preparation of installing the breaching stand-off tool.
The breaching stand-off tube, being started onto the "quick attach detach"  threads of the Wad Wizard platform tube.  When fully installed, the complete device provides double seating on the tube skirt and the muzzle, for added strength and stability. (Patent 6,782,651 B1)

The fully assembled and double seated Q-A-D breaching tool. The tube is ready to go for breaching rounds, buckshot and other appropriate ammunition.

12 gauge platform tube available in remchoke (Remington guns), winchoke (Winchester guns or those using the Invector system), truchoke.

The Q-A-D is available to law enforcement departments and individuals and military agencies. Please call toll-free (877) 278-3131 for more information and ordering procedures.

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